"As individuals live their deepest
callings, and bring themselves
authentically to relationships,
the world as a whole benefits."

Natalie Eldridge

About Natalie

Natalie S. Eldridge, Ph.D.
Psychologist - Coach - Educator

With thirty years of experience assisting others in making positive changes in their lives, Dr. Eldridge is a seasoned guide and companion along life’s path. From her roots in psychotherapy, spiritual practices, relational/cultural theory and career development, she weaves together a rich context for experiencing the present moment with each individual, couple or group she works with. Her natural warmth, keen insight, and steady focus add both safety and movement to the journey.

Dr. Eldridge is a committed practitioner of coaching, mindfulness, and psychotherapy. She is on the faculty of the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute at Wellesley College, and has had a long career as a university psychologist and career coach in New York, Texas and Massachusetts. She is a contributing author to several books and has published articles in the areas of adoption, feminist ethics, lesbian and gay family psychology, and women’s career development. She is a Licensed Psychologist Provider in Massachusetts, and maintains an active psychotherapy practice in the Boston area.

Dr. Eldridge enjoys assisting her clients in articulating a unique sense of purpose, deepening connections with themselves and others, and practicing a healthy lifestyle. She is convinced that as individuals live their deepest callings, and bring themselves authentically to relationships, the world as a whole benefits.

Dr. Eldridge earned a B.A. from the State University of New York’s Empire State College and M.A. & Ed.M degrees in Psychological Counseling & Rehabilitation from Columbia University’s Teachers College. She earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. She received advanced training for coach clinicians from MentorCoach, an International Coach Federation accredited program. She is a member of several professional associations, including the American Psychological Association, the International Coach Federation, the Feminist Therapy Institute, and the Massachusetts Psychological Association.

“When you listen generously to people,
they can hear truth in themselves,
often for the first time.”
Rachel Naomi Remen

Selected Workshops and Publications

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